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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Erotic, sexual, sensual, tantra massage tips and links

Erotic, sexual, sensual, tantra massage tips and links

Hi all,

I have been working on some sensual and erotic massage sites that include sexual and tantra massage. Most men I know do not know how to give a great erotic massage on a woman.

Learn how to give a great genital massage at erotic massage , and vulva massage at sexual massage and penis massage at sensual massage. How about a deep tantra massage and some masturbation tips for men and women. Do your suffer from impotence and want some herbal impotence treatment. Do you love wanking tips for men and boys. Do you want to learn some lovemaking positions and tips.

Any comments welcome.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

body language and rejection

Most men do not realise that women send subtle body language clues to men they are attracted too.

Women also expect you to act on their body language
clues. If a man does not act or take a signal from the women, she will see him as gutless and a wimp. Women like a man that sees them as a sexual creature and is confident in his sexuality.

The big advantage of becoming aware of a women's body language is that it can help you avoid rejection. You will avoid being rejected if you only ask a women out who has indicated from her body language that she is interested in you.

Getting rejected by an attractive women is not a very nice feeling and it can damage your self confidence. Having good self confidence and a good self image is very important when talking to a women as she can read this easily in your body language.

Most women are expert in reading men's body language. In a few seconds a women can tell if a man is worth getting to know. More at

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Body language

I got a new site on body language

Monday, September 18, 2006

energy orgasms

Why have energy orgasms?

Energy orgasms helps both men and women to have deeper multi orgasmic experiences. They also clear out any stored emotional crap. You feel great after having energy orgasms.

It is also a great party trick to have energy orgasms at will.

Energy orgasms can be an spiritual experience, giving you a sense of beyond everything in your everyday reality.


Friday, September 15, 2006

New page in my seduction site

I have added 2 new pages in my dating site
I hope you enjoy these pages

Tips for a great relationship, heart meditation


An open heart to your lover is such a nice feeling and makes the relatnship special. One way to open your heart is to do a meditation on it. Close your eyes and just put your attention on your heart area. See if you can relax into it and the nice feelings it can bring. If your mind wanders, just go back to the heart meditation. One can also touch the heart area to get your attention on this energy center.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

My new pages in my site.

I hve updated my site with new pages on sex tips, orgasms, dating, tantra and much more.

As a sexologist I get to talk to many men and women about sex. The funny thing is that most people I talk to tell me that they think others are having a much greater sex life than they are. Generally they say that their own sex is pretty boring and non exciting. The longer the couple has been together the more boring sex seems to have become. Of course there are couples that have great sex and have been together for ages. These couples are rare in my experience.

A recent study found that in 2 years of marriage, the women's interest in sex had dropped off about 50%. There was also a lot less intercourse per week.

So what can one do to spice up ones sex life? I like to think of sex in 3 flavours.

The first one is partner connection. Women generally love this style of lovemaking. In this flavour the emotional connection with your lover is most important. Generally, couples when they first fall in love have a lot of partner connection in sex. There is a lot of eye gazing, touch and emotions flowing and sex is really just great. It seems to flow and there is much hugging, touch and foreplay.

So how does one get more of this connections with your partner. One tip in sex to get more of this flavour is to open your eyes during sex. I find most couple do not even take a look at their lover. The eyes connect and the emotions can flow thought he eyes. for the more advanced, I suggest to open your eyes during orgasm. Most men find this a challenge but it can be done!

I go into more details in my site You can join my free newsletter at and receive some explicit information about erotic massage etc.

The second flavour of lovemaking is what I like to call trance. In this style one goes into oneself and is totally in ones own fantasy, sensations or a trance like state. Eyes are closed as the connection with your partner is not important. Most men seem to like trance.

I did have a lover that loved going into trance. However, I just felt I was a travel agent taking her to amazing places. Since I could not come along I felt unsatisfied. The touch was one way and I found this frustrating. I did communicate this and she did start to touch me more.

The third flavour is role playing. This can be a great deal of fun. One can act out ones fantasies or take on roles of the sexual healer or priest. How about becoming animals?. Bondage games fall into this type of play. Generally this is more challenging for most people. However playing roles really can spice up your sex life.

With my clients I suggest they start to explore the flavours that they are weak on. Most couples do not play roles as it is a bit scary. I suggest to pass through is fear and really start to explore.

If you have boring sex, you are actually committed to this on some level. Challenge your lover to do something different and you might have to compromise too. Suggest your lover takes the lead in trying something new too. Above all, have fun.
Mauice Tate is a qualified sexologist trained at the Advanced Institute of Sexology. To improve your relationships go to and

Monday, August 28, 2006

Romantic Tips for Men

Talking to my women friends I have been told that most men are not that romantic. IT is very easy to be romantic if you put a little effort into this.

How about this tip.

Buy some stick on stars that glow in the dark. When your lover is not in her room, place the stars in the ceiling with the words I love you. Or make a picture of a heart.

I tried this tip and my lover melted. We had great sex that night.

For more romantic tips please to go and if you subscribe to my newsletter you will get a free iBook with over 100 romantic tips.